My First Experience Growing Cannabis In My Garden and How I Got Bigger Buds!

By Brett E. / December 14, 2020

The world is changing, and laws and regulations are evolving, and cannabis is legal in quite a few states and countries around the world! I personally have dreamed of growing cannabis in my home garden for years, but laws and regulations didn’t make it possible… Until now!

My First Thoughts In Growing Cannabis

This past year cannabis was recreationally legalized in my state, as well as growing for personal consumption. I was super excited and started looking all over for online resources on cannabis growing guides for home grows.

Because I’m lucky enough to have a sizeable outdoor garden I didn’t have to worry about the added equipment involved with an indoor cannabis grow but I did have to purchase some cannabis seeds, proper nutrients, as well as a PH scale and a few other minor purchases.Cannabis Garden Grow

My first grow was actually surprisingly smooth. I grew a fast flowering strain called Northern Lights, and overall it was a smooth grow. That being said, my only complaint was simply how small my flowers buds were and the overall yield. So I knew for my second grow, I was going to have to read some more and really find out how to get bigger buds and an overall yield with my next cannabis grow.

So, How Did I Get Bigger Buds on Grow #2?

So after a few weeks of additional research, I was ready to begin cannabis grow #2!

The majority of my research came from Jacob at where they have an article specifically about “How To Get Bigger Buds”. In this article they really put the importance on Low Stress Training. 

If you aren’t familiar with Low Stress Training for cannabis, it’s simply the ability to slowly shape the size and shape of the cannabis plant as it’s growing to help shape it into a layout that provides bigger flower growth.

I’ve heard of low stress training for other non-cannabis plants, so it wasn’t too much of a learning process. That being said, the results simply speak for themselves.

Results of My Second Grow:

For my second home cannabis grow, I did use the exact same Northern Lights strain to help try to test my new grow technique. Everything was pretty similar in this grow except I did follow the Low Stress Training technique recommended by BudInformer, and that was the only change I made.

Results of the Grow:

The yield was nearly double the size of the first grow! Throughout the grow I could definitely tell that this grow was going to be a pretty hefty yield simply due to the overall size of the flowers buds. These were noticeably bigger than the first grow and I felt confident that my Low Stress Training was the overall difference maker between the two grows.

Overall if you’re going to start growing cannabis in your garden, I definitely recommend spending the extra time throughout your grow to stress train your plants, because the overall yield will be absolutely night and day! The added 5-10 minutes a day is definitely worth it!

Will I Continue Growing Cannabis In My Garden?

Growing cannabis in your garden has a bit of a learning curve, but after you figure it all out it really isn’t that difficult. I’ll definitely be continuing my testing in growing cannabis, and I’ll also be trying out a few different strains and seeing if this changes my growing process.

If you live somewhere where it is legally possible to grow, then I 100% recommend you giving it a try if you have the space and resources!

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